::: ABOUT US :::

The Bison Records label was originally created to release the music of local Tulsa musician Danny Baker. Soon after releasing Danny's first album Mama’s Cookin’, this small independent label began to take on a life of its own. Several other bands from Oklahoma and other states took interest and requested Bison Records to release and publish their works. Jack Daniels Baker, aka Little Danny Baker, created Bison Records on September 9th, 1999 with assistance from longtime friend and Rock guitarist Bill Pitcock IV of the Dwight Twilley Band. The sole focus of Bison Records was to promote original songs from the Tulsa area, and provide an outlet for the world to experience not only the Tulsa Sound but many other musical stylings being performed in the Tulsa area as well as other states. The original goal was to lend emphasis on Blues Music but soon gave way to Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and even Reggae influenced music. Bison Records has distribution opportunities through Orchard, and is affiliated with BMI through Buddy Jack Music Publishing, and is administrated by the Harry Fox Agency.

What We Are Looking For :

Any artists may submit music for our review but we are mainly interested in original compositions. However if the artist seeks to release compositions by other artists etc, we offer assistance with any mechanical licenses and copyright services. We are seeking artists that are affiliated with either BMI or ASCAP as a writer and have master recordings or finished albums. We do not seek to own your masters or your songwriter copyrights. If the songs need to be published, we offer a publishing deal to you as well as a sales percentage of any deals that can be obtained on the artists behalf. We also provide a close relationship with our artists and they can have a hands on approach with the way we are releasing their material.